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Our History

Welcome to Machjet International – the Premium Air Charter, Cargo and Medevac specialists that deliver the highest safety, reliability and most flexible private jet hire service across Australia, Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific.

At Machjet International, our philosophy is simple – to provide our customers with outstanding service, unrivalled flexibility and unparalleled safety.

Machjet International evolved in 2006 to support McDermott Aviation’s aerial firefighting fleet across Australia and New Calendonia. This allowed McDermott Aviation the freedom of transporting their crew, parts and equipments on a time schedule that suited them.

Eventually, a need for more flexible, quicker air travel became apparent, and Machjet rose to the challenge and has since become one of the leading fixed wing charter companies in Australia.

The core of McDermott Aviation’s success – “thinking outside the box” and a drive to “get the job done” has flowed seamlessly into the everyday life of Machjet International.

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Fly with peace of mind thanks to our highly qualified and very experienced pilots and engineers, who work together with our skilled operations team and friendly ground crew.

Machjet International Services:

We have a 24 hour Fixed Base Operation at Sunshine Coast Airport and Cairns airport which includes a VIP lounge, boardroom, pilot/crew rooms, bathrooms and a friendly ground crew for assistance.  

 All of our flight crew receive recurrent training on an on-going basis to ensure that we maintain a high level of proficiency, superior safety and first-class service at all times. Our professionalism has earned us a loyal clientele. 

Furthermore, the McDermott Group have been audited by Flight Safety Pty Ltd as well as being audited by the leaders in the oil and gas industries and we are a Member of APIA (Australian Pipeline Industry Association). Machjet International are BARS approved.

Machjet International is able to offer the most comprehensive and tailor-made solution to any of your requirements. 

Please do not hesitate to call Machjet International on +617 5457 0778 and one of our friendly Operation Coordinators will be happy to assist you.

About Us


Safety management includes all areas of safety, security, health and environmental management. It holds the key to this organisation’s future and affects everything we do.

Machjet International has implemented a Safety Management System (SMS) to direct all personnel in the safe delivery of operations. SMS is a proactive, integrated approach to safety management and part of an overall management process that Machjet International has adopted to ensure that it’s operational goals can be achieved safely and effectively. SMS embraces the principle that the identification and management of risk increases the likelihood of accomplishing the mission. Hazards can be identified and dealt with systematically in a format, which facilitates continuous improvement and professionalism. Auditing and monitoring processes ensure that all activities are carried out in such a way as to minimise the risks inherent in-flight operations and support activities.

Management is committed to the SMS and has established leadership for the program and will continue to demonstrate, through everyday actions, the commitment to safety and its priority in the achievements of the organisation.

The processes in place in the SMS include the active involvement of all staff, managers and supervisors, who, through planning and review, will drive efforts for continuing improvement in safety and safety performance.  The key focus is the safe operations of airworthy aircraft.

Safety audits are essential components of the SMS.  These internal and external audits review systems, identify safety issues, prioritize safety issues, involve all personnel and enhance the safety of operations. 

Machjet International – Quality Assurance

Machjet International is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company. Our Quality Management Systems have been audited by a third party (BSI) and are continually monitored to meet the statutory and regulatory requirements as well as our customer needs. 

Machjet International have implemented a Document Management System, which allows all employees and contractors to gain access via the internet to all forms, manuals and other related documents. 

About Us


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“Every time you fly with Machjet, you are contributing much needed funds to The Wishlist Sunshine Coast Health Foundation”