Bell 47T

The Bell 47 is a Turbine powered, two bladed, single engine, light Helicopter, which is beautifully suited to Aerial Spraying and Aerial Lifting operations, with fuel endurance up to 2.5 hours. The Bell 47 Soloy can be fitted with liquid spray equipment that include tanks with a capacity of 450 litres, electric pumps & aerofoil booms for better application. We have also developed and manufactured custom 'On-board' dry application equipment for the application of granulated products for control of Fire ants and Mosquito larvae. The Air-blast solid application system is perfect for very low application rates with even application at all times.


  • Turbine engine for increased performance and reliability.
  • Fitted with Real Time satellite Tracking
  • Quiet Noise Signature – excellent for operations around noise sensitive areas such as around livestock/horses  

AIRcraft Specifications


Crew  Single or Dual
Capacity 1-2 Passenger or 2 Litters
Lift capacity* 400kg
Max Hook Load  482kg
External Hoist Load  N/A
Endurance 2.5 Hours
Cruise Speed 70 Kts
Max Air Speed 91 Kts
Powerplant 1 x Allison 250-C20B
*Lift Capacity Limitations based on precision placement.